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Kool-Aid Mango Unsweetened Drink Mix (3.9g) : American

This Mango flavored Kool-Aid Drink Mix comes in an easy-to-open packet.  These delectable fruity drink mixes are low in calories, low in sugar, and high in vitamins C and E.  Simply add water to make Kool-Aid Mix Packets a tasty way to stay hydrated. Free of gluten.
This Mango flavored Kool-Aid Drink Mix comes in an easy-to-open packet. 
These delectable fruity drink mixes are low in calories, low in sugar, and high in vitamins C and E. 
Simply add water to make Kool-Aid Mix Packets a tasty way to stay hydrated.

Free of gluten.

  • 15345 56 Ave #103, Surrey, BC V3S 0X9
  • 7707 6th St, Burnaby, BC V3N 3M9
[NOTE: The Burnaby location has limited stock, kindly call ahead to see if we have a certain product]
We offer wholesale rates on a case by case basis. If you or your company would like to buy from Boss Distribution, please give us a shout at
Kool-Aid Mango Unsweetened Drink Mix (3.9g) : American
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