Yoo-hoo Chocolate Milk (325ml): American
Yoo-hoo is a chocolate beverage invented in 1928 by Natale Olivieri in Garfield, New Jersey, and produced by Keurig Dr Pepper. Water, high-fructose corn syrup, and whey are the main ingredients of the drink as of 2019.
Kit Kat Duos Mint & Dark Chocolate King Size (85g): American
Kit Kat Duos Dark Chocolate Mint Bars are a combination of two iconic flavours—mint crème on top and dark chocolate on the bottom, all surrounding those crispy wafers! New from Hershey's USA.
Kit Kat Duos Strawberry & Dark Chocolate King Size(85g): American
Kit Kat Duos Dark Chocolate Strawberry Bars are a combination of two iconic flavours - Strawberry on top and dark chocolate on the bottom, all surrounding those crispy wafers! New from Hershey's USA.
Bartons Million Dollar Milk Chocolate Bar (57g): American
When you bite into one of Barton's Million Dollar Milk Chocolate Bars, you'll feel like a millionaire. With Canadian money, you may now purchase this American Chocolate Bar. That's a fantastic offer!
Reese's Fast Break Bar King Size (99g): American
Do you have a hankering for a classic peanut butter and chocolate cup? Try Reese's King Size Fast Break! It's a rich milk chocolate bar with a big lump of chewy nougat, topped with Reese's creamy peanut butter, and entirely...
Frankford Fruity Pebbles White Chocolate Bar (78g) : American
The all-new Fruity Pebbles White Chocolate Candy Bar coming to you straight from the town of Bedrock! Fans of this classic crisp rice cereal can now enjoy it in candy form. The bar is made of sweet white chocolate and filled with the classic...
Twix Cookie Dough Cookie Bar Share Size (77.1g) :American
Incorporating a layer of creamy cookie dough flavour with the flavours and sensations of traditional TWIX. Rich milk chocolate was used to cover everything, along with chunks of delectable chocolate cookie. Try it for a lavish cookie-dough experience.
Kit Kat Chunky Cinnabon *Limited Edition* (42g): Dubai
Freshly imported all the way from Dubai.  New Kit Kat Chunky Cinnabon! Immerse yourself in a unique experience when opening the wrapper, the sweet familiar smells of Cinnabon will feel (and smell!) as if you had a fresh Cinnabon right in...
$5.99 $2.99
Kit Kat Birthday Cake King Size (85g): American
A tasty delicacy that will make taking a break simple has finally arrived. New KIT KAT® Birthday Cake features crisp wafers in a white crème with sprinkles that has a birthday cake flavour. Since you can always take a break...
Nestle Milkybar Medium(25g): UK
We love milk at Milkybar, which is why we've added even more of it to our famous white chocolate bar. It's the same delicious taste that you and your family know and love, but with milk as our No.1 ingredient....
Payday Chocolatey King Size (87g): American
Try a PayDay peanut caramel bar! Its a bar of smooth caramel rolled in salty roasted peanuts.
Kit Kat Mini Dark Chocolate Mini Candy Bar *Limited Edition* (9.8g): Japanese
This dark delight is the less sweet version of the regular Kit Kat. It can be quite bitter, but if you love your chocolate dark as night, this is the Kit Kat for you!
Snickers Butterscotch Flavor (40g): Indian
Hunger cannot determine the course of your life, only you can! Add some butterscotch power to your day with Snickers Chocolate Bar. Made with butterscotch and chocolate, this premium chocolate satisfies your taste buds and helps you fuel up during...
Reese's Zero Sugar Miniatures Peanut Butter Cups (85g) : American
If you're looking for a low-sugar chocolate and peanut butter delight, look no further. We've got you covered. Each individually wrapped bite of Reese's Zero Sugar Miniature Peanut Butter Cups has the same delicious taste you love.
Meiji Yan Yan Chocolate Biscuit (57g): American
Meiji Yan Yan chocolate are biscuit sticks with dipping cream (frosting). The biscuits and dipping cream is in different compartments. You can dip the amount you'd like and enjoy. The Yan Yan chocolate contains a delicious filling.  
Cadbury Curly Wurly Bar (21.5g): UK
British chocolate bars with the Curly Wurly trademark are presently produced by Cadbury UK. Prior to that, it was known as Wig Wag and Marathon Bar. Curly Wurly is a lovely chocolate and chewy caramel delight with a delicious soft...
Harry Potter Chocolate Frog w/ Collectable Wizard Card (15g): Thai
Harry Potter™ fans delight! These delicious Chocolate Frogs are modeled after the ones featured in your favorite books and movies about a boy wizard. While these frog chocolates won’t come to life and start hopping away from you while you...
Reese's Creamy Milk Chocolate King Size Peanut Butter Cups (79g): American
Enjoy a taste of classic American flavor with Reese's King Size Creamy Peanut Butter Cups. Rich milk chocolate encloses a creamy, smooth peanut butter center for an unforgettable pairing that will leave you wanting more. Satisfy your craving for indulgence...
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Dunkd Chocolatey (88g)
Level up your lunchbox with awesome Chocolatey flavoured Rice Krispies treats! These crispy marshmallow bars have been elevated in the best way possible. These special Rice Krispies Treats Dunk'd are nearly three times the size of an original snack size Rice Krispies Treat...
Reese's Big Cup With Pretzel King Size (73g): American
The Reese's Big Cup now comes stuffed with pretzels! Get 2 extra large serving of creamy Reese peanut butter stuffed with pretzels and enrobed in the traditional Hershey's milk chocolate.
Cow Tales OREO (28g): American
If you already adore Cow Tales in all of their original flavours, put this new flavour on your list of must-have candies! The Cow Tales Oreo has a cream centre encased in a layer of chewy Oreo caramel. It has...
Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers (120g): American
We doubt that you've ever had animal crackers that tasted this good. Your need has been satisfied by the Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers!Milk chocolate and peanut butter are beautifully combined with the crunch of animal crackers to create this dish....
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Dunkd Chocolatey Strawberry (88g): American
Level up your lunchbox with awesome strawberry-flavoured Rice Krispies treats! These crispy marshmallow bars have been elevated in the best way possible. These special Rice Krispies Treats Dunk'd are nearly three times the size of an original snack size Rice Krispies Treat that...
Reeses Crispy Crunchy King Size (87g): American
Do you want for something crunchy, tasty, and all around crispy? With the amazing Reese's Crispy Crunchy Candy Bar, we have a tasty fix!Layers of crisp, crunchy peanut butter topped with the nutritious crunch of peanuts and covered in a...

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