Snickers Kesar Pista [Saffron Pistachio] (42g): Indian
Hunger cannot determine the course of your life, only you can! Introducing the new Snickers Kesar Pista chocolate bar to give you a guilt-free indulgence with the goodness of nuts. Made with pista, kesar, almond and chocolate, this premium chocolate...
$5.99 $2.99
Snickers Butterscotch Flavor (40g): Indian
Hunger cannot determine the course of your life, only you can! Add some butterscotch power to your day with Snickers Chocolate Bar. Made with butterscotch and chocolate, this premium chocolate satisfies your taste buds and helps you fuel up during...
Snickers Berry Whip (40g): Indian
The Snickers Berry Whip Chocolate Bar is a delightful spin on the original Snickers bar and is a brand-new addition to the Snickers line in India. a mound of frothy nougat with strawberry flavour, a slab of chewy caramel with...
KitKat Dessert Delight Lovely Strawberry *Limited Edition* (50g): Indian
Try our exclusive Limited Edition KitKat Dessert Delight Lovely Strawberry. Indulge in the delicious strawberry-flavored KitKat chocolate bar and treat yourself to a unique and special experience. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this exquisite Indian chocolate.
$4.99 $2.49
JoloChip Last Chip Challenge (5g): Indian
Do you have what it takes to accept the #LastChipChallenge? Our Jolo Chip 5g will put your taste buds to the toughest test: 5 mins of pure, fiery heat! Only a few have survived, watching as the millions of views...
Indian Wells Death Valley Cola (355ml): American
You've never tasted a cane sugar cola Soda quite like Death Valley Cola specialty soda. Crafted with pure cane sugar, artesian spring water from the historic Indian Wells spring, and natural flavors this is a one-of-a-kind craft soda that is...
Desi's Choice Matka Kulfi Rabri Malai Cereamic Indian Frozen Desserts (2x100ml): Canadian
Nothing short of a showstopper. These Matkas are the perfect dessert to serve to your guest or even to have on the go. They are the perfect size for one and come in your favourite flavours.  Please note this product...
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Bar (60g): Indian
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is all about regaling in the richness and creaminess of the chocolate. Indulge in a rich, smooth and creamy celebration.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello (35g) : Indian
Cadbury Dairy Milk with Crispy Butterscotch Nuts Inside. You're sure to like this limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, which has the tantalising flavour of a delectable from India.

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