Nerds Rope Spooky Halloween (26 g) : American
Nerds Rope Spooky will add sweetness to your Halloween bag.  
PEZ Vanilla Candy Corn Refill Rolls 6 pack (49.3g): American
PEZ Candy was founded in 1927 in Vienna, Austria. PEZ Candy Dispensers were first introduced in 1952. Clearly, this is a Candy Match made in Heaven!"Trick or Treat!" exclaims the narrator. This Candy Corn flavour will transport you back to...
Halloween Ring Pop Twisted (10g): American
Take a bite off of a Twisted Ring Pop Lollipop.  Wear it, lick it, and fall in love with it!  Ring Pop is still as tasty as it was when you were a kid.  This classic candy's new twisted colours and flavours are fantastic.  Experience them in all new spooky packaging, only at Boss Exotics.
Brach's Classic Candy Corn (567g): America
Brach's classic and tempting tri-colored creamy Candy Corn is now available, straight from the experts who know candy corn best! Each bite of this candy corn evokes memories of the past. Prepare for Halloween by stocking up on this traditional...
$7.99 $1.99
Frankford Dunkin' Donuts Original Hot Chocolate Bomb (45g): Belgium
The marshmallows and chocolate in the Bomb will dissolve into a rich, creamy hot chocolate when you add 6 ounces of hot milk to a mug.Wonderful as a present for your loved ones, friends, teachers, and children of all ages!Produced...
Frankford Hot Chocolate Bomb Caramel Apple (45g) : Belgian
Apple Caramel Bomb with hot chocolate. Making hot chocolate in an exciting way. Watch the mini marshmallows fly out and melt when you drop your chocolate bomb into hot water or milk. Contains real Belgian chocolate.
Palmer Happy Holidays Hot Chocolate Bomb (35g): American
Palmer Hot Chocolate Bomb Mini Marshmallows in Chocolate Hollow. *Hot chocolate bomb  *Little marshmallows.
Warheads Sour Zombie Popping Candy (21g):American
With the Warheads Sour Halloween Popping Candy, get ready to pop it off!This confectionery is both a trick and a treat for Halloween.Made with the exhilaration of exploding candy and a painfully sour candy zing.Warheads Candy is available in the...
Boston America Halloween II Slasher Sours Candy Tins (28.3g) : American
The frightening white mask that Michael Myers used in the Halloween films is loaded with 1.0 ounces of orange sours that are shaped like knives.
Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins(567g): America
Enjoy the fun, seasonal form and soft texture, rich flavour, and distinctive flavour of Brach's Classic Candy Corns. Our pumpkin-shaped mellowcrèmes are a vibrant Autumn favourite and are made with natural honey. Ideal for use in baking, decorating, or just...
$7.99 $1.99
Brach's Harvest Corn (567g): America
For a deep, chocolaty flavour, we added cocoa powder to our classic Candy Corn flavour. This delight is delicious for munching as well as baking! The #1 Candy Corn in America has a festive touch thanks to the warm Fall...
$7.99 $1.99
Vidal Gummi spooky Spiders Peg Bag (128g) : Spain
Brightly coloured and fruit-flavored, these sugar-sanded gummies are spiders. There is absolutely no hair included, so don't worry! Each chewy, gummy spider candy is covered with sugar to resemble hair.Even nevertheless, these creepy, crawly spiders have a powerful bite!
Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain Marvel: What If...? - Zombie Falcon Vinyl Figure: American
In the endless possibilities, venture to wonder and explore with Marvel's What If…? animated series. Collect Pop! Zombie Falcon to complete your What If…? set. Vinyl bobblehead is approximately 1.5 inches tall.

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