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Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Double Chocolatey Chunk (85g): Canadian
Indulge with Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Double Chocolatey Chunk. Made with puffed, oven-roasted rice cereal and chocolatey chunks, topped with a chocolatey coating - it's the perfect combination of crunchy and sweet. Enjoy a snack that your whole family will...
LifeSavers 5 Flavour Candy Roll (32g): Canadian
LifeSavers 5 Flavour Roll offers a classic hard candy experience, with a variety of delicious fruit flavours. Enjoy the nostalgia of this timeless treat, first developed in 1912, with each 32g roll containing cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange and pineapple. Enjoy...
Razzles Sour Candy (40g) : Canadian
Experience a unique twist on traditional candy with Razzles Sour Candy! Each bold flavour—Lemon, Cherry, Lime, Orange, and Blue Raspberry—brings a sour tang that quickly transforms into sweet bubble gum. Get ready to enjoy a two-in-one sugar rush with this...
Chewits Blue Raspberry Juicy Bites (145g): UK
Chewits Blue Raspberry Juicy Bites are the perfect vegan snack. These bonbons are filled with a tangy blue raspberry liquid and provide a satisfying chewy texture. Imported from the UK, they provide a delightful sweet and tart taste in every...
Chewits Fruity Twists Peg Bag (200g): UK
Experience the exciting taste journey with the new Chewits Fruity Twists. These vibrant treats boast a range of delectable fruit flavours and maintain the classic Chewits chewy consistency. Perfect for vegans, they are an ideal snack to share with family...
Sour Punch Straws Grape (57g): American
Sour Punch Straws Watermelon delivers a thrilling adventure with every bite. Enjoy a gentle sour coating followed by sweet watermelon flavour with these straw-shaped gummy candies. Every 57g pack of American Sour Punch Straws contains an irresistibly delicious treat.
Doveli Mermaid Tails Peg Bag (112g): Turkish
Doveli's Mermaid Tails bring the fun of the sea to your taste buds! These 112g packages of Turkish taffy are filled with bite-sized pieces of four mouthwatering flavors: Watermelon, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Grape. Enjoy the deliciousness of this taffy...
Morinaga Pakkuncho Disney Chocolate Filled Biscuits (47g) : Japanese
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Morinaga Pakkuncho Disney Chocolate Filled Biscuits. These delicious treats feature a crunchy outer biscuit with a creamy chocolate center, making them perfect for a snack or dessert. Enjoy this 47g pack of indulgence at home...
Big Sky Sunkist Sours Tangerine Orange (50g) : Canadian
Sunkist Sours provide 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C along with a delectable natural fruit taste. Sunkist Sours are not only sugar-free but also naturally sweetened, aspartame-free, gluten-free, and OU-certified kosher.
Push Pop Gummy Pop-Its (58g): Chinese
Push Pop Pop-Its are the ultimate Valentine's Day treat, with their unique and fun push up dispenser. These cone-shaped gummies, lightly dusted with sugar, are a delicious combination of light, airy texture and sweet flavor. Kids and adults love them...
Dare Candy Co RealFruit Sours Summerfruit Burst Plant-Based Gummies (180g): Canadian
Dare Candy Co's RealFruit Sours Summerfruit Burst Gummies are a Canadian delight! Crafted with natural flavours of Watermelon, Peach and Cherry, these plant-based gummies are chewy and flavourful, delivering a sour burst in every bite! Try them and experience the...
Glico Pocky Green Tea Biscuit Sticks (40g): Taiwanese
Glico Pocky Green Tea Coated Biscuit Sticks is a unique Japanese treat. They are a biscuit like confection that is coated in a yummy green tea cream. The name "Pocky" is derived from the sound that this crispy snack makes when...
Dare Candy Co RealFruit Plant-Based Tropical Gummies (180g): Canadian
Dare Candy Co RealFruit Plant-Based Tropical Gummies are the perfect indulgence for those who can’t resist a sweet treat. Made with Real Fruit Juice and free from fat, peanuts, gluten and artificial colours or flavours, this Canadian candy provides a...
Toxic Waste Slime Writer Sour Candy Gel Decorating Pen & Sour Candy Disk (42g): Mexican
Toxic Waste Slime Writer is a 42g sour candy gel decorating pen that offers a signature sour experience. Perfect for impulse purchase, this pen comes with sour dextrose candies for decorating and bold Toxic Waste graphics for maximum appeal. Enjoy...
AirHeads Candy 6 Bars Theatre Box (93.6g): American
Airheads Candy brings you a light and airy taffy packed with six luscious and intense fruity flavours in a convenient theatre pack. Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Sour Apple, Cherry, Strawberry, and White Mystery are sure to make any movie experience more...
Bazooka Juicy Drop Blasts Peg Bag (45g): Turkish
Experience intense sweet and sour candy flavors with Juicy Drop Blasts! This British candy has a chewy outer layer and a sour candy powder inside. Choose from six dynamic flavor combinations; Strawberry, Watermelon, Cola, Raspberry, Lemon and Apple. Enjoy a...
Zed Snot Shots Sour Tutti-Fruity Bubble Gum (35g): Chinese
Zed Snot Shots Sour Tutti-Fruity Bubble Gum(35g) is a unique Chinese candy that features Snot Shot candy, a sour tutti fruity bubble gum. It delivers an unforgettable fruit-filled flavor for a unique eating experience with a fun twist. Perfect for...
Rowntree's Vegan Fruit Gums Roll(47g): Uk
Rowntree's Vegan Fruit Gums Roll is a 47g roll of vegan-friendly fruit-flavoured gums. It contains a fruity mix of apple, blackcurrant, orange, lime, strawberry, and lemon flavoured gums that is sure to please vegans and non-vegans alike.
Jell-O Sour Gummies (127g): Brazillian
 Sour lime, strawberry, and berry flavors in a new JELL-O Sour Gummy that is sure to be a winner with those who love the jiggly dessert and those who love sour gummies.
Picard's Southern BBQ Chip Nuts(120g): Canadian
Picard's Southern BBQ Chip Nuts™ provide a unique flavour experience, with double-roasted potato coated peanuts that offer a crunchy, authentic barbecue flavour. Each mouthful delivers a moment of ultimate satisfaction, with no artificial colours or flavours. Experience the timeless combination of...
Picard's Salt & Vinegar Chip Nuts(120g): Canadian
Picard's Salt & Vinegar Chip Nuts bring together two classic flavours for an irresistible crunch. Ideal for snacking, these double-roasted peanuts are covered with tasty potato for a unique texture. Each 120g bag contains no artificial colours or flavours, making...
$2.99 $2.25
Picard's Original Chip Nuts(120g): Canadian
Chip Nuts, the original snack food from Picard Peanuts, blends two classic snacks for a unique, double-roasted crunch. Enjoyed worldwide since the early 90's, Chip Nuts has stood the test of time as a fan favourite and bestseller.
$2.99 $2.25
Candy Castle Crew Unicorn Twist 'n' Dip (50g) : UK
The Unicorn Lollipop and Sherbet Dip is a sweet snack packed with flavor. The lollipop is made of crunchy sugar crystals coated with delicious fruit-flavored sherbet. The dip adds a creamy texture and delightful flavor to the lollipop. Available in...
Kidsmania Soda Can Fizzy Candy (42g) : Canadian
Mini candy-filled cans that will leave your taste buds reeling. These small cans, filled with four flavours of fizzy soda candy, will be the finest 6-pack you've ever tried! Lime Time, Flave, Loca Cola, and Gush are some of the...

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