Lay's Wave Grilled Pork Flavour (70g): Chinese
Try Lay's Wave Grilled Pork Flavour Potato Chips for a unique and delicious snacking experience. Each chip is sliced ultra-thin for extra crunchiness and infused with an irresistible smoky pork seasoning. Perfect for sharing or enjoying solo, each package contains...
$4.99 $2.50
Lay's Wave BBQ Chicken Wing Flavour (70g): Chinese
Experience the flavor of chicken wings at home! Lay's Wave Chips - Roasted Chicken Wing Flavor offer a delicious crunchy snack with a unique flavor. Each 70g serving is made with real chicken wing seasonings for an authentic flavor sure...
Lay's Ribeye Steak & Truffle Flavour (34g): Chinese
Experience steakhouse-style flavor in every crunch with Lay's Char-Grilled Ribeye Steak with Black Truffle! Uniquely savory with an unexpected twist, treat yourself to the tantalizing taste of umami-rich truffle and succulent ribeye steak in a single bite. Yum!
Lay's Wave Pan Fried Squid Flavour (70g) : Chinese
Try Lay's Pan Fried Squid Flavour Potato Chips for a unique and delicious taste experience. These chips offer a crisper, thinner crunch that is perfect for snacking. The chips are lightly seasoned with grilled squid flavor to give you a...
Lay's Thick Cut Grilled Rib Flavor (34g): Taiwanese
Introducing Lays Grilled Ribs — thick cut chips that pack an intensely flavorful punch! Perfectly seasoned and full of smoky rib taste, get ready for your snack-time to get saucy!
Lay's Wave Helen's Beer Flavor *Limited Edition* (60g): Chinese
Experience beer-inspired flavor without any of the alcohol! Lay's Beer Flavor Potato Chips are a delicious snack made in collaboration with Helen's Beer in China, offering a unique combination of malt and hop notes, plus a satisfying crunch. Enjoy them...
Lay's Wave Helen's White Peach Beer Flavor *Limited Editon* (60g) - Chinese
Take a flavor vacation with Lay's White Peach Beer Flavor Potato Chips from China! Enjoy a unique snacks experience with layers of subtle beer taste perfectly complemented by a hint of white peach — sure to tantalize and delight your...
Lay's Kobe Beef Flavour Chips (34g): Chinese
Treat your taste buds to something special with Lay's Kobe Beef Flavour! These ultra-thin chips are seasoned with Kobe Steak for a truly finger-lickin' taste. So light and crispy, they're sure to be a hit at any party...or just in...

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