Bigs Sunflower Seeds - Tapatio Chile Limon - (152g): American
Forget the ketchup—that HAWT sauce is the first bottle you reach for at the dinner table. Favorite mythical creature? Fire-breathing dragon. When waiter asks, “How spicy?” on a scale of 1 to 10, you order an 11. Sound like you?...
Bigs Dill Pickle - Sunflower Seeds - (152g): American
Made in collaboration with the pickle pros at Vlasic®—America’s favorite pickle—these huge sunflower seeds are seasoned with tangy, classic Vlasic dill pickle flavor for an authentic dill-iciousness you just don’t get with other dill pickle flavored seeds.
Bigs Sunflower Seeds - Sizzlin' Bacon - (152g) : American
Ahh, the smell of hot, cracklin’ bacon in the morning. You love it and we love it, so we’ve taken our huge, crunchy sunflower seeds and added some sizzlin’ bacon deliciousness for a bold, breakfast-favorite-inspired snack that’s ready to chow...
Bigs Sunflower Seeds - Cheeseburger - (152g) : American
Crack into the big, juicy flavor of a delicious, classic cheeseburger any time the craving hits with these cheeseburger flavored sunflower seeds.
$5.99 $2.99

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