Sriracha Hot Himalayan Salted 36% Milk Chocolate Bar (71g): American
This milk chocolate bar not only has a smooth spicy flavour, but specifically the flavour of the coveted original Sriracha sauce, infused with a sprinkling of Himalayan pink sea salt.  If you're feeling adventurous, try all three types of chocolate:...
Alamo Candy Chamoy Fruta Sweet & Sour (6.5 oz): American
Taking the tang of a dill pickle, the sour of the sourest candy, and just a kick of spicy flavor, you've just gotta try this unique sauce!
Alamo Candy Premium Beer Salt with Lemon Lime (4.75 oz) American
Premium Beer Salt is the original premium flavored salt that combines the custom of adding citrus to beer with the addition of salt. The zesty blend of natural lemon-lime and salt gives the drink an interesting new twist. To see...

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